I secretly love a cumbersome sentence, a half-formed idea, or an overly cluttered layout, because I love collaborating to figure out how to make them shine. Here are some of the editing services I can provide:

Developmental and Line Editing

As the editor of Scholastic’s SuperScience magazine, I worked with a wide variety of writers and told feature stories in 650 words or less. I’ve also edited book-length projects and academic work. I have a keen sense of structure and story logic, I give pointed and thoughtful feedback, and I’m not afraid to cut when necessary to craft energetic and informative prose.


Visual Comp 2 med.png

Visual Thinking

I’m experienced at working with designers and photo editors to select powerful images, create informative diagrams, and combine them with text into exciting and accessible layouts. I enjoy using words and images together to tell interesting stories and explain complicated concepts.

Editorial Planning

At the helm of SuperScience, I planned issues and editorial calendars to cover a lively variety of topics and stories while meeting the curriculum needs of an elementary-school classroom. One of my proudest accomplishments was the magazine’s first-ever Gross Issue, which consisted entirely of relevant—and disgusting—science news. I can help you map out projects that cover all your bases with accuracy, excitement, and visual appeal.